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Design and customisation - work in partnership with us to create a unique project

Our desire for beauty makes us curious experimenters who are often at the forefront of fashion trends. Working with architects, designers and outdoor landscapers on every single outdoor project provides a continual encouragement to stretch ourselves. On every single project, we are always working to find the best way of marrying functionality, performance and aesthetics. It is a constant meeting of creativity and reality.

What is the goal of this rigorous research? The transformation of outdoor spaces into areas that amaze and welcome the end user. Under our custom awnings and pergolas, we hope users will experience genuine moments of well-being and joy.

We like to work closely with designers, architects and awning manufacturers. We believe that this creative collaboration leads not only to excellent results but also to remarkable works of genius.

With our outdoor solutions, conceived and designed in Italy, we want to spread a little bit of traditional Italian know-how and Made in Italy quality around the globe. And, in some small way, a little bit of our beautiful Italian sunshine as well! After all, who can produce sun curtains and shades better than the Italians?