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Pergolas with flat roof

We conceive our flat-roof pergolas’ design out of aluminium. Together with light fabrics, they create a unique product: flat-roof pergolas with folding fabrics. KE pergolas have aluminium sliding covers. They have a flat or arch-shaped roof design making it aesthetically pleasing as part of your home structure–also, the pergola’s flat roof cover is mobile, flexible and can be set up quickly.

Do you dream of a roofed pergola with more romantic coverings and curtains? Or are you looking for a more contemporary style for your garden or terrace? Whatever mood you desire, we can create a customised flat-roof pergola for you.

Our wall-mounted and self-supporting pergolas are easy to use thanks to remote-controlled features. You can decide to use the water-resistant double-cover when it rains, or you can choose fabrics to control the level of sunlight entering your space.

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Design & Personalisation

KE awnings are designed with the best possible dialogue between architectural forms, personal taste and functional needs.

Tailor-made creation