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For those days when you feel you need more apartment space, make the most of your place and transform that terrace with a balcony sun shade awning. Break free of those four walls and find new ways of experiencing the outside, while feeling right at home.

An apartment balcony pergola lets you move beyond the limits of your home to feel the fresh breeze, get a touch of sunshine and rest beneath a cool shade. With light-regulating features and bioclimatic options, our vast collection of high-quality pergolas and awnings lets you relax in comfort and absolute privacy. Best of all, our range of automated awnings helps manage time and ensure your outdoor equipment is always protected, rain or sun.

Whether you’re looking for a flat-roof, bioclimatic or sail structure, our diverse selection of pergolas allows us to deliver personalised solutions. Explore our range to find your perfect apartment balcony pergola and transform your terrace into a new relaxation space.

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