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By the sea

Seaside living is truly one of life’s simple luxuries: an absolute gift to one’s mind, body and soul. Enhance the delightful experience of living life by the sea by maximising its benefits to overall health and well-being without any of the detrimental effects of excessive heat or sun exposure by savouring the outdoors under stylish sail shade structures.

Contemporary in design, sail shades are the ideal choice for beachside villas, hotels and resorts looking to create comfortable and cool areas for guests and residents to enjoy the seashore. Enjoy lunch with a sea breeze serenade under our flat or sloped pergolas. Unwind with a book or drift into a dream while the waves whisper in the backdrop under our Kheope or Kolibrie sail shades, made with weather resistant materials.

Somewhere in our wide range of pergolas and awnings there is a customisable outdoor solution just waiting to grant you the ultimate seaside experience. Let’s find it together.

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