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  • Kedry Plus by KE Protezioni Solari for Super G in Courmayeur, the first Mountain Lodge in Italy

Kedry Plus by KE Protezioni Solari for Super G in Courmayeur, the first Mountain Lodge in Italy


Project name: Super G – Italian Mountain Lodge
Location: Courmayeur
Project: KE’s Technical Dept.
Customer: Super G srl
Covered area: 70 square meters
Product name: 4 Kedry Plus pergolas, 2 with 320×580 dimensions and 2 with 400×400 + 5 Qubica Plumb awnings

Super G, the first Mountain Lodge in Italy, was created in 2013 in Courmayeur with the aim of proposing the magic of Canada’s mountain lodges with an Italian-style touch: sleeping in a cosy structure, eating comfortably at the foot of the slopes, surrounded by snow, and dancing until sunset.
The idea for this installation comes from the need of expanding the available spaces, thus creating two new different environments: a panoramic covered terrace for the restaurant and a main terrace dedicated to aperitifs.

In order to integrate a structure in line with the contemporary setting of this place, Kedry Plus model was chosen; not only is it stylistically refined, but also the fittest product from a functional point of view, as it has the correct snow load for this place’s weather conditions.
On a chromatic level, Inver black colour was chosen. Furthermore, through some peculiar brackets created on purpose for this installation, Qubica Plumb awnings were added on the perimeter of the structures. The awnings’ colour is the same as the structures’, but the cloth is striped in black and white to create contrast. The installation of Qubica awnings allows to widen the available space.

The structure is completed with a lighting system, heaters, side closings with panoramic glass doors and a system of electrical resistance installed into the eaves to accelerate the process of snow melting.

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