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KE: SPACE shades a winter garden in Cesena

Project name: Winter garden
Location: Cesena (FC - Italy)
KE Store: Taftà s.n.c. - via L. Napoleone Bonaparte 50 - 47122 Forlì (FC)
Customer: private client
Covered area: SPACE L 680 x D 520 + Screeny L 260 x H 250 and L 260 x H 280
Installed products: SPACE D86 in the upper part, Screeny 110 GPZ with GCP on the left side

Surrounded by the lush green of Cesena’s country, this rustic-style villa stands out for its outdoor area used as a winter garden. The owner needed to solve a problem that had emerged with the beginning of summer; so KE Store Taftà, based in Forlì.

They needed to shade the winter garden next to the kitchen area, which had been used in the previous months as a winter greenhouse and, with fine weather, as a living environment.

After the first hot summer days, the customer realised that he had to deal with the problem of the kitchen’s high temperature, as it is an area exposed to the sun for most of the day.

The new 2018 product SPACE was put into production just a few weeks after the first contact with the customer; this was the keystone of the project. SPACE has fully met the customer’s satisfaction, together with the proven Screeny 110 GPZ, equipped with balancing wall-profiles.

Right from the beginning, he got benefits not only in the winter garden, but also in the kitchen; as the external wall of the building was not fully exposed to the sun anymore, the usage of the air-conditioning system was also reduced.

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