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Isola 3 by KE redesigns the outdoor dining area of “L’Ambata” restaurant in Porticcio, Corsica

Name: Restaurant L’Ambata

Location: Boulevard Marie Jeanne Bossiez, 20166 Porticcio, Corsica

Project: KE Store CORSICA - Bâches Diffusion Balagne in partnership with KE Technical Dept.

Client: private

Covered area: 182

Installed products:

3 pergola awnings with retractable roof ISOLA 3 in the wall attached version, width 500 cm x 883 cm of projection each;

2 T1 pergola awnings integrated into the ISOLA 3 pergolas, each 368 cm x 592 cm in size.

Lighting with integrated LED strips on the profiles of the internal and external perimeter of ISOLA 3 and spotlights on the crosspieces of T1.

LINE GLASS panoramic windows in addition to some structures as side protection.


We are in Ajaccio, on the west coast of Corsica: here is the L'Ambata restaurant, appreciated for its seafront view and for its large indoor and outdoor spaces.

The terrace of this restaurant was previously covered by a wooden pergola from another manufacturer, which broke down due to strong wind.

From this event was born the owner's desire to equip himself with an aluminium pergola awning, as a guarantee of comfort and safety for his customers.

This is how the owners, France-Marie and Johan Rossi contacted the KE STORE Corsica BDB - BACHE DIFFUSION BALAGNE retailer after noticing a KE pergola in a nearby restaurant.

After an initial inspection, the KE Store BDB - in collaboration with the KE Technical Office - studied the specific needs of the client and the most suitable solution, requiring careful consideration of the ideal configuration to integrate the new pergolas to the style of the room.

It was decided to install two models of pergolas from the Gennius range of KE, ISOLA 3 and T1, in their respective versions set against the wall. In this way, the outdoor dining area has been completely redesigned with a “made to measure” sartorial configuration.

Previously a bioclimatic pergola from another company had already been installed, and based on this comparison the customer preferred to choose the ISOLA 3 pergola awning with folding roof, which offers the advantage of guaranteeing maximum light when the fabric is folded, and at the same time provides optimal protection in case of rain. For this reason, a waterproof fabric in Vintage 666 beige was chosen. For the T1 pergola, a Serge FERRARI Soltis 92 micro-perforated fabric was chosen.

Thus 2 different areas have been created:

The first, towards the venue inside, offers maximum comfort thanks to the LED strip lights, heaters and panoramic windows for effective side protection while maintaining the superb sea view.

The external part of the terrace, overlooking the beach, has been set up with a lighter style to admire the sea without visual obstacles.

This external part is protected by 2 T1 curtains installed in the ISOLA 3 structures. LED spots have been added to ensure maximum comfort even in the evening.

Installed perpendicular to the other 2 pergolas to extend the view towards the beach, the U-shaped result is perfectly integrated into the context.

For a perfect finish, an RBG LED strip was also installed on the outer perimeter.

The pergolas are all motorized, to allow maximum ease of management.

ISOLA 3 by KE combines perfection, design and functionality for unparalleled comfort.

KE is at the service of catering and of the whole Ho.Re.Ca. to develop exclusive and tailored projects, in line with the needs of customers who want to renew their outdoors.

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