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A villa for dreamy receptions at the Roman Castles

Project name: Private villa used for receptions at Albano Laziale
Location: Albano Laziale (RM)
Project realised by: KE dealer Progetto Ombra di M.B. S.r.l. - Latina (LT)
Client: private client
Covered area: 24 square meters
Products used: Gennius Isola 2 pergola with panoramic sliding glass doors + Vertika GPZ

A few tens of kilometres from the south-eastern part of Rome, there lies one of the most beloved places for a day out of town, far from the Capital’s bustle. Its luxurious residences and rich food-and-wine tradition make this place a popular spot for exclusive receptions.

KE Isola 2 arched-roof pergola emerges from one of these wonderful residences, which are intended to be used for weddings and wonderful receptions.
The customer was in need of an adaptable structure which could allow him to work with no worries both in good and bad weather conditions, considering that the villa is meant to be used for receptions.

The structure leans on a valley and stands in front of a swimming pool, which means that it is often exposed to the wind; at the same time, it needs to keep a wide-open space, with the smallest possible number of pillars. KE dealer Progetto Ombra suggested that they could install a glass wall on the front part – the one which is most exposed to the wind – so as not to have interruptions with pillars; the rest of the structure was closed with Vertika awnings, in order both to be protected and to keep all the visibility thanks to the transparent PVC cloth, considering the spot’s natural beauty.

During the projecting phase, specific attention was paid to the location of the electrical connections of the structure’s LED lightning system: they were designed so as to be easily hidden and quickly maintained. In fact, the entrance of the power supply is located in the inside part of a pillar; the receiving unit of the strip LED stands outside, in a wall box; the cables are inside the gutter. These are the reasons why it will be possible to perform maintenance operations without interfering with the structure.

The breathtaking view of the Roman Castles creates the right magic for a perfect, dreamy reception.

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