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  • Kedry Prime Louvered Roof Pergola by KE is the focus of a beautiful, new outdoor space at the Rosciano Castle

Kedry Prime Louvered Roof Pergola by KE is the focus of a beautiful, new outdoor space at the Rosciano Castle


Project Description


Project Name: Design of the outdoor space at Rosciano Castle.
Location: Signoria di Torgiano (PG)
Project: KE Project Management Office (PMO)
Covered Area: 110 m2
Installed Products:

  • Five Kedry Prime louvered roof pergolas, enclosed with panoramic, sliding glass windows.



Located in the characteristically hilly Umbrian landscape, Rosciano Castle is a historic place restored to its ancient splendor in the 1990s by the Granocchia-Ciotti family. Their love and passion for the castle has transformed it into a coveted location for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

To expand the main room and gain extra space for welcoming guests with the warm hospitality that the Castle is famous for, the client trusted the expertise of the KE PMO team. KE PMO has a great deal of expertise with large projects in the hospitality industry.

Maximizing the capacity of the outdoor spaces while emphasizing hospitality and paying tribute to the rich history of the building and its unique natural setting was an ambitious design challenge.

The KE team was able to achieve this by opting for the KE Kedry Prime louvered roof pergola, which offers flexibility, modular design and customization.

An example of advanced design, this installation consisted of 4 Kedry Prime modules placed side by side, with the addition of a smaller module on one side, for a total of 110 m2 of covered area. This provided more usable space for staff and more room to accommodate additional guests.

KE was also able to accommodate a specific request to avoid having central columns in the design. A steel portal was specially manufactured to allow more freedom of movement under the pergola.

Finished in Corten, the color of the pergolas blended-in beautifully with the Castle’s architecture and furnishings.

The structure is enclosed with Line Glass sliding windows, an option that provides protection from wind, rain and noise, while preserving the beauty of the surrounding panoramic view.

Products installed

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