Answers to Your Questions

KE retractable awnings range in width from 3'8" to 46' wide. Projection (the unrolled direction) can vary from 5'3" to as much as 15'11", depending on the model. KE offers the industry's widest range of sizes and styles.
No special mantanence is required for winter storage. Awning fabric should be clean and dry before retracing the awning for the last time. KE offers many models with a full cassette, semi-cassette or hood that protect the rolled fabric from the elements, bird droppings and animals.
Retractable awnings are not designed to withstand strong wind while open. Electronic sensors are avaialable that automatically close the awning in strong wind. There are also sensors that will close the awning when it detects rain, and open when the sun shines. KE awnings have been tested to withstand winds up to 45MPH while open, and up to 90MPH when closed.
Quality construction and durability are the most important features in any awning and prices reflect those qualities. If you want an awning that will provide many years of dependable service, year in and year out, you just can't beat a genuine KE awning. Call us for a free quote.
Your KE dealer will talk with you about what you're looking for in an awning and what kinds of activities you want to enjoy while under your awning. KE offers a wide variety of sizes and styles that fit your home, your lifestyle and your budget. The dealer will carefully measure and size your awning according to your needs.
KE can accommmodate just about any type of window for residential or commercial buildings.
Most KE awnings and pergolas are available with LED lighting options, remote control, fully automated controls that can iintegrate with your home automation systems, and a variety of sensors to detect wind, rain and sun.
Permits are generally not required for a retractable awning, however if you have a Home Owners Association or Condo Board, you may want to check for any limitations they may have.