Exterior Solar Screens and Outdoor Solar Shades

Because Outside is Better

And more efficient. Exterior screens do a better job of blocking unwanted heat build-up from the sun’s rays any time of year. Keeping your window glass cooler helps to reduce the need for air conditioning, letting your AC run fewer hours for more cost savings.

Exterior screens help block wind and help keep glass cleaner, longer. They are an ideal solution for increasing privacy, reducing glare and, with ZIP Rail sides, keep flying pests out of your home. We designed our screens to fit neatly into their cassette so they remain protected from the elements and are easy to maintain. We also ensure that they are fully functional in any environment. Our exterior screens can cover surfaces up to 26′ in width and 16′ in height.

Our screens come with roller tracks that allow the fabric to glide smoothly and without tension. These exterior roller screens will always remain in perfect working condition thanks to their Zip system. We designed them to withstand severe weather, including strong winds. KE’s patented winding system prevents the fabric from creasing and wrinkling. The cassette provides maximum protection at all times.

Thermo coated aluminum and steel parts ensure resistance to corrosion thanks to the innovative treatments to which we submit them.

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Design & Personalization

KE awnings are custom manufactured to meet your exacting requirements. We welcome an opportunity to work with architects and general contractors to achieve the customer’s vision. Contact us at keusa.marketing@keusa.us or call (888) 387-2765.

Tailor-made creation