Everyone loves sunshine. Sunshine makes flowers grow. It makes people smile, kids play and cats nap. But your house, apartment or office building…not so much. The sun’s intense light and heat raises the interior temperature of your living space, making it uncomfortable or at least requiring your air conditioning to work harder and more often. Sun bleaches painted surfaces, plastics and vinyl trim and prematurely ages wood.

Shading systems provide relief from the sun’s harsh rays in a selective and efficient way, allowing you to decide where and when you want shade. Outdoor retractable awnings and exterior screens create shade on demand, helping to maintain cooler temperatures in your home or office. Today’s modern systems can be motorized and even automated to match your schedule, your lifestyle and your enjoyment. Our outdoor shading systems can be controlled from a smart phone or tablet and are compatible with home automation systems so you can control your exterior retractable awning or shade structure even when you’re not at home.

Relax in the shade wherever and whenever you want to, while reducing cooling costs and helping to protect your home from faded carpets, furniture and window dressings.

KE Outdoor Design manufactures the highest quality custom retractable awnings and shade products for your home, office or commercial building. Our outdoor retractable awnings are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Modern, durable fabrics come in hundreds of colors, patterns and textures so you can have exactly the look and style you have always wanted. Outdoor retractable awnings create new, wonderful outdoor living spaces for relaxing, entertaining, dining or just sitting down to watch the sunset. You’ll use your outdoor spaces in ways you have been dreaming of and now is a great time to make those dreams a reality with KE Outdoor Design.

Office buildings and retail stores can always benefit from outdoor retractable awnings, too. Stationary awnings create strong brand identity with bold colors and graphics that can include your business name and phone number, web address and other memorable information. Help customers find your front door and remember the name of your company. Stationary awnings protect your store’s entrance from rain, wind and snow accumulation. Learn more here

Durable, year-round canopies help identify employee or customer entrances, loading docks, walkways and other important areas around your business. And they help keep walkways dryer and safer in foul weather and at night. Visit KE Commercial Division to learn more.

For larger, permanent shading solutions, KE Outdoor Design offers premium pergola and awning systems crafted from extruded aluminum. Designed by engineers and artisans with decades of expertise and experience, our pergolas and awnings are made to order in our 100,000 square-foot facility in Chester, NY. Award-winning designs and popular features like integrated LED lighting, hidden rain gutters, motorized louvers and modular design make KE Gennius pergola systems the very best investment you can make to create beautiful, luxurious and durable outdoor spaces.

Restaurants, hotels, golf courses and luxury homes can increase guest capacity and cultivate outdoor spaces that can be used all year long. Learn more about KE Gennius.