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Awnings: A Sustainable Design Approach for Homes

Awnings: A Sustainable Design Approach for Homes

Awnings offer a range of benefits besides improving your home’s curb appeal. They help you become more energy-efficient by reducing your electrical consumption. For homeowners practicing sustainable design, custom retractable awnings are an ideal choice. Here’s why.

Can Outdoor Retractable Awnings Reduce Your Energy Bills?

The summer season calls for instant cooling solutions in the form of air conditioners. But using an air conditioner all day can definitely burn a hole in your pocket. To address this issue, you can install a door awning to reduce exposure to natural elements.

You should consider entrance awnings in homes that receive direct sunlight. By installing one, you can block 80% of the UV rays and prevent heat from slipping indoors. As a result, you conserve a lot of power by not using the A/C. Since awnings ensure natural cooling, they help cut down your energy bills by a 10th fold.

A foldable awning is another good choice for sustainable households. You can mount the fixture on the face of a building to block sunlight in the summer. A retractable canopy can also fold back to let the sunshine in when necessary. Opening your space to the sun when it’s cold helps maintain warm temperature conditions. It also reduces the need for heating devices.

What Other Benefits Do Awnings Offer?

Outdoor retractable awnings provide shade to any person standing below. For instance, with a waterproof awning, you can offer coverage to your family and guests during a storm. In the case of automated awning systems, you can program it to open and close as per the conditions outside. Not only does this improve operational efficiency, but it also reduces maintenance costs.

Awnings are an excellent solution to reduce your carbon footprint. For instance, awnings safeguard your exteriors and interiors. They prevent moisture or heat from escaping inside the house. They also stop harmful UV rays from harming your outdoor furniture. As a result, a front door or patio awning (fixed or retractable) can help you maintain your living and outdoor space with ease.

Install Custom Retractable Awnings

Awnings are a great way to enhance your home’s aesthetics, maximize living space, and maintain a standard of living. It helps you become energy-efficient by regulating temperature conditions inside and outside the house.

But choosing the right awning takes time and considerable knowledge. With a professional by your side, you can custom manufacture a design to improve your home’s value. For immediate results, connect with the best awning manufacturer near you.

At KE Outdoor Design, we promise the best outdoor experience under the guidance of industry experts. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, or a residential space, we can help you find the perfect retractable canopy.

For more energy-efficient ideas, call us today.

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