Installing a pergola requires careful planning, especially in terms of timing. A pergola project can take weeks, sometimes even months. According to experts, wintertime is the best season to install pergolas and awnings.

Keep reading to learn why.

Is Winter the Best Time to Install a Pergola?

Retractable pergolas and awnings add value to your outdoor landscape. They help create a cozy and comfortable spot for entertaining guests. But buying and installing one isn't so easy. From product research to getting your permits in, winter is the perfect time to start.

There are many reasons why commercial property owners install pergolas and awnings early on in the late months.

Gain a competitive edge

Wintertime is when you get unfettered access to the best designers and contractors. This season is usually a downtime for landscaping professionals. As a result, they're more likely to make your project a priority. You can even take advantage of discounts during the off-peak season.

Address regulatory compliance

Pergola projects that require official permission should start necessary formalities in the winter. This gives your project a distinctive advantage over the rest, freeing up plenty of time to complete all your formal paperwork.

Prepare your space for the warm seasons

If you buy and build a pergola in the winter, you can make sure your pergola or awning is ready for the warmer months. Your property will receive plenty of attention by the time spring or summer arrives. Planning installation projects during the winter also ensures that the construction or renovation doesn’t affect customers or lead to a loss in business.

Test different types of pergolas

If you live in a place that experiences a lot of rain and snow, installing a pergola is an ideal choice. But the best time to test out a pergola’s efficiency is the winter season. You can experiment with different materials and configurations without making customers uncomfortable.

Discover more landscaping solutions

From integrating LED lights to covering your pergola with plants, you can get creative with these installations. To create an attractive, inviting space, you can plant climbers and creepers like grapevine, bougainvillea, and wisteria along the awning.
With pergolas and awnings, hospitality venues can also expand outdoor seating capacity while keeping guests protected from the elements.

Things to Consider for a Winter Project


Consider the type of structure you have and its architectural style. You'll also want to check out the neighborhood for more inspiration. If you don’t want the pergola to stand out too much or clash with surrounding décor, consider installing a retractable roof canopy that seamlessly blends with your surroundings.


It’s always a good idea to measure the area where you want to install the pergola. Doing this before buying a pergola ensures you purchase the right size and enough mounting accessories for your outdoor space.

Local laws

Every location has different zonal regulations and building codes for installing a pergola. Consult a professional before integrating the awning system to ensure your pergola system stays compliant with local laws.

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