KE tailored solutions for L’Abri Côtier, a top-notch restaurant in Calvi, Corsica

Project name: New outdoor dining area for L’Abri Côtier restaurant
Location: Port of Calvi, Corsica
KE Dealer: KE Store Bâches Diffusion Balagne
Project: Bâches Diffusion Balagne + PMO KE
Client: L’Abri Côtier restaurant
Covered area: 52 m2
KE featured products: Roomy fixed structure + Gennius T1 foldable awning + sliding glass doors

The Gulf of Calvi is a magical scenario that each guest at Abri Côtier would love to experience. This was the main requirement from the restaurant owner: creating a new outdoor dining area for guests and at the same time increasing the covered surface, thus the number of seats.

KE Store Bâches Diffusion Balagne – in collaboration with KE PMO – suggested a versatile structure as Roomy along with Gennius T1 awning and sliding glass doors: the ideal solution for guests who can dine and enjoy the magnificent view. KE was chosen for its Italian high-end design and innovation, which perfectly matched the exclusive location.

Roomy is a fixed structure that allow a perfect light management, with a double purpose: on one hand the terrace can benefit from maximum daylight exposure and the microperforations of Soltis 92 fabric, of which the awnings are made of, allow the natural ventilation of the area. On the other hand, the foldable roof comes in handy when it gets cloudy.
Roomy is ideal for marinas and seaside locations, as it is highly resistant to weathering. The panoramic glass doors slide easily on both sides and allow a full sea-view, “à l’abri” (open air), as the restaurant name suggests.

All Gennius products range by KE are highly customized and can easily fit in every architectural environment – residential or hospitality – thanks to the fine aesthetics and product research. KE is appreciated for its keen eye for detail and versatile solutions which can improve any business, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

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