Focus on light in a flat on the slopes of the Gran Sasso, Italy

Project name: new flat in Teramo
Location: Teramo (TE), Italy
KE Dealer: Fabbi Tende di Fabbi Alberto e Nicola Ciminà – Teramo (TE)
Project: internal design office Fabbi Tende di Fabbi Alberto e Nicola Ciminà – Teramo (TE)
Customer: private client
Products used: 8 roll awnings with SCREENY GC 110 model cassette with SOLTIS 92 and SOLTIS blackout filtering fabric

Teramo is a small town on the slopes of the Gran Sasso, in Italy. A series of newly constructed buildings rises in this hilly area; among them, our customer’s flat is located. The stunning view of the slopes of the Gran Sasso is emphasized by the choice of panoramic ceiling windows, that are installed in each room of the flat.

Considering the significant contribution of natural light, the flat owner needed to install external awnings with a minimum impact, in order to allow the maximum exploitation of daylight, according to the Daylighting philosophy, which favours natural light as a primary source of lighting.

Our customer addressed KE dealer Fabbi in Teramo with the specific need of finding vertical awnings that could be well combined with her flat’s modern, essential style. The possibility of modulating the light was important as well, considering the wide ceiling windows and the fact that the living area is exposed to the south.

The same need for a minimal solution was requested by the furniture’s modern, essential style: this is the reason why KE dealer Fabbi chose the Screeny 110 GC model, which stands out for its stainless steel exposed cable’s elegant lines and square-lined cassette.

This installation was highly appreciated by the flat owner, who can easily control the contribution of natural light with a motorized system connected to a wind sensor.

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