How Commercial Awnings Influence the Overall Energy Consumption

How Commercial Awnings Influence the Overall Energy Consumption

Businesses always look for creative ways to decrease their energy consumption. When searching for a means to cut energy costs, consider installing industrial awning canopies.

Commercial awnings are available in various types, sizes, and shapes. You can also customize your commercial awning with an expert canopies manufacturer.

Commercial awnings impact energy consumption by reducing your spending on heating and cooling. Here's how.

Common Commercial Awning Systems

Awnings create a comfortable environment for your employees and customers. Regardless of the size of your facility, there are many options you can choose from, such as the following:

  • Entrance awnings: Used for covering the entrance of a building. Available varieties include convex, concave, wing, dome, and shed-shaped awnings.
  • Inside awnings: Used for enhancing the interiors of a clothing store or dressing room. Excellent for retail businesses, this awning system provides both style and function.
  •  Standalone awnings: Used for enhancing specific spaces outside a building, like a bike rack. Such awnings help maximize an existing area by creating a new space.

Does Installing an Awning System Affect Energy Costs?

An awning is an exterior covering you can install outside a commercial building. It extends outwards, creating shade and offering shelter against the natural elements.

The many benefits of industrial awnings go beyond improving curb appeal. They make your commercial space more energy-efficient by blocking out the sun's rays.

For instance, retractable awnings can reduce heat gain by up to 77% for west-facing windows and 65% for south-facing windows. As a result, they help cool down a workspace and keep the working environment more comfortable. Here are more benefits

Better Coverage Against Solar Rays
Awnings impact your energy consumption the most in the hottest months of the year. By covering your doors and windows, you can prevent solar rays from entering any indoor space.

This ensures the temperature of your building won't rise at a rapid rate. Some industrial canopies also offer automated control to enhance your outdoor experience.

With a new awning system, you can keep your building cool, reducing the need to use an air conditioner often. As a result, you lower your energy consumption.

Better Control Over Solar Heat Gain

Solar heat gain has a dramatic impact on a building's overall energy consumption. During the winter months, you can control the amount of heat gain that happens.

For instance, retractable awnings remain closed during the winter to increase heat absorption. This functionality allows sunlight to enter your building, increasing indoor temperatures.

This way, you don’t have to rely on your heating unit for warmth and comfort. As a result, such additions help reduce energy expenses throughout the year.

Better Performance of Tinted Windows

Industrial awning canopies are ideal for commercial buildings featuring tinted windows.

They are more effective compared to solar films coated on windows. As a result, awnings enhance the performance of solar-tinted glass. They will shield your building against harmful UV rays. Additionally, they provide adequate coverage against natural elements.

Find the Perfect Commercial Awning System

If you need help picking the right industrial canopies, get in touch with our experts at KE Outdoor Design. Our expert designers can help you choose from myriad choices ideal for all kinds of businesses and commercial establishments.
To add value and efficiency to your outdoor space, contact us now.

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