Did you know that the color of your awning system has a psychological impact on your customers? Research suggests that colors do affect consumer behavior.

Colorful retractable shade awnings help create unique branding opportunities for business owners. These structures not only offer adequate coverage but also ensure brand awareness. By using a particular color palette, you can design an awning system that reflects your company the right way.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What Role Does Color Psychology Play in Awning Fabrics?

The role of a commercial retractable awning is to increase aesthetic appeal. But how does color affect a customer's decision-making?

A colorful awning helps establish a memorable identity for your business. Additionally, it distinguishes your brand from competing brands in the market.

When you know how color impacts consumer behavior, you can ensure powerful branding. This is the most important aspect of choosing the right color for your awnings.

Once you've picked the awning fabric, your next step is deciding on a color tone. Many factors can influence this decision, including the following:

  • Environmental conditions of a space
  • The type of customers you want to attract
  • Brand logo and awning design
  • The type of product or service at your store

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Awning

Different color palettes impact consumer behavior in a specific way. While some colors can push a customer to take action, others can calm them down. Here are some key considerations for different color tones:

  • Primary colors: White and black tones complement many kinds of commercial spaces. They bring uniformity to your outdoor aesthetics, something that's necessary for offices.
  • Pastels and light shades: Pastel colors are neutral tones. Such colors give customers a sense of anticipation without unnecessary clutter. They are ideal for boutiques and clothing stores.
  • Bright colors: Think deep red, orange, and brown hues commonly used in restaurants. Such colors demand attention, often calling for action, from customers outside.
  • Natural undertones: Earthy tones of green, red, and blue are examples of warmth and comfort. Such color tones are ideal for spaces like a spa, yoga studio, or wellness center.

Why awning colors don't fade in the sun

Modern awning fabrics are made of acrylic fibers that are extremely durable and resistant to the sun's harmful UV rays. KE uses fabrics from the world's leading brands of high quality shade textiles.

What awning colors are best for hiding stains?

Black or dark color tones can hide stains, even on a full cassette retractable awning. But you shouldn't choose a color tone just to mask a stain. Regardless of the color, regular cleaning helps preserve the design.

Find the Right Color for Your Awning System

As a business owner, you must recognize the impact color has on retractable shade awnings.

With the right color tone, you can empower your marketing efforts by a tenth fold. If you're not sure which color scheme best suits your needs, speak to an expert.

At KE Outdoor Design, we can help you find the right color tone for a retractable awning. Our team can also renovate your outdoor space with a suitable retractable awning as per your needs. Talk to an expert today.