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How Adding Pergola to the Outdoor Dining Area Can Boost Profits

If you want to expand your dining area without too much investment, get a retractable awning. For instance, an aluminum pergola with a roof is a great way to increase capacity.

Retractable awnings are a space-saving measure, helping you create a comfortable space outdoors. By accommodating more customers, they help bolster profits.

Why Should You Add an Aluminium Pergola with a Roof?

To increase restaurant capacity

Businesses with limited indoor capacity can generate revenue by utilizing their outdoor space. If designed well, a retractable pergola offers enough coverage and shade.

When your business begins to peak or has rush hours to commit to, an expandable pergola is a smart choice. It creates a separate dining area outside your cafe or restaurant.

An aluminum pergola with a roof also doesn’t cost much to install compared to constructing a new space. As a result, you increase your seating capacity, which helps maximize revenue.

To reduce expansion costs

Pergolas are temporary structures that provide expanded seating without causing any structural damage. They can withstand rain and windy conditions, offering year-round protection, which makes them excellent for commercial spaces.

For instance, installing an outdoor pergola costs less compared to renovating a dining space outdoors. Many commercial spaces choose outdoor aluminium pergolas because they’re durable, water-resistant, and easy to operate.

To increase customer comfort

A pergola reduces environmental exposure, protecting your patrons against heavy rains, harsh winds, and the blaring sun. Additionally, pergolas prevent sunlight from penetrating through. By regulating temperature conditions, your customers will be at ease whilst sitting outdoors. You can also explore different customization options when selecting a pergola.

To improve property value

Regardless of the type of commercial establishment you own, an awning only adds to its charm. It’s an excellent way to improve curb appeal as it helps maximize your outdoor space.

To ensure energy savings

A well-designed pergola can help you save a lot of money all year round. It helps create the perfect outdoor climate by controlling the amount of heat that goes in.

During hot summers, it prevents heat from reaching indoors through a window or entrance. In the winter season, you can retract the pergola to soak up the sun at any time of the day.

As a result, heating and cooling devices don’t consume a lot of electricity. For any commercial establishment, there’s a lot of energy you can save in the long run.

Customize an Awning System for Your Business

The benefits of installing an aluminum pergola with retractable roof go beyond functionality and aesthetics. That’s why you should hire an expert!

Get in touch with KE Outdoor Design to explore more outdoor landscaping solutions. We can customize an awning system that best fits your commercial facility.

Right from determining design to assessing longevity, we can help you set up a retractable aluminium pergola. Schedule a consult with our team and discuss your requirements.

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