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The Vertex Tension Screen System by KE takes a slightly different and extremely versatile approach to shading solutions for your home or business. Vertex’s design is stylish and sophisticated, while its purpose is completely functional. Vertex...
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  • Vertex provides increased comfort, functionality and value to your living space
  • Optimal performance and durability
  • Perfect for exterior doors, windows, sliding glass doors, sunrooms, solariums or anywhere shade and privacy are desired

Technical details

Confidential material

  • Installation and maintenance
  • Installation video
  • File BIM

A shading solution for all the outdoor environmnets


  • Unit widths are 3’ to 16’ in 1/8” increments for vertical applications.
  • Unit widths are 3’ to 13’ in 1/8 increments for all other applications.
  • Unit drop is 3’ to 16’ in 1/8”increments for groups 2-5
  • Unit drop is 3’ to 12’ in 1/8”increments for group 5A
  • The Vertex comes as a motorized unit only.
  • The Vertex can be mounted vertical, on top of pergola or wall or using KE front legs.
  • The Vertex is measured from the head box to the end caps of the Drop extrusion, the width is measured from the head box end cap to end cap.
  • Unit available with screen fabric only (no acrylic).
  • Clear vinyl window available on vertical application only.

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