Vertex Tension Screen

The Vertex Tension Screen System by KE takes a slightly different and extremely versatile approach to shading solutions for your home or business. Vertex’s design is stylish and sophisticated, while its purpose is completely functional. Vertex motorized screens can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Horizontally, for example, either above or below an existing glass roof or pergola – or attached to an existing wall and supported in front by two legs.

Vertex works equally well in a vertical application, in a window or glass wall to provide customized shade wherever and whenever needed. Drop screens can be used to provide even more control of low-angle sun, increased privacy and protection from the elements.

Vertex lets you create shade at the push of a button. And like all KE products, Vertex is custom made to fit your needs with the latest technology that always keeps you comfortable. Contact KE to learn more about the Vertex shade solution that’s best for you.

The perfect product for your needs

Contact us for more information and to learn how KE full cassette retractable awning products are customized to perfectly fit your needs and style

Confidential material

A shading solution for all the outdoor environmnets


  • Unit widths are 3’ to 16’ in 1/8” increments for vertical applications.
  • Unit widths are 3’ to 13’ in 1/8 increments for all other applications.
  • Unit drop is 3’ to 16’ in 1/8”increments for groups 2-5
  • Unit drop is 3’ to 12’ in 1/8”increments for group 5A
  • The Vertex comes as a motorized unit only.
  • The Vertex can be mounted vertical, on top of pergola or wall or using KE front legs.
  • The Vertex is measured from the head box to the end caps of the Drop extrusion, the width is measured from the head box end cap to end cap.
  • Unit available with screen fabric only (no acrylic).
  • Clear vinyl window available on vertical application only.
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