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Generally, residential awnings are covered with acrylic fabrics that are highly durable and made to provide shade. They can tolerate light rain but are not intended to be waterproof. For a waterproof solution, we recommend looking at a KE aluminum pergola system with a PVC fabric or louvered roof.
KE retractable awnings are made from high quality aluminum and steel components and are designed for many years of enjoyment. Modern fabrics are extremely durable, fade-resistant and can be washed as often as needed according to manufacturers instructions. Also, fabrics can be replaced when a color change is desired or when the fabric becomes worn after many years of use.
Yes. KE offers retractable awnings for windows and doors.
No. KE awnings require installation by one of our qualified, factory-trained professional dealers. Your KE dealer will provide a free price quote that includes installation.
KE retractable awnings range in width from 3'8" to 46' wide. Projection (the unrolled direction) can vary from 5'3" to as much as 15'11", depending on the model. KE offers the industry's widest range of sizes and styles.
No special maintenance is required for winter storage. Awning fabric should be clean and dry before retracing the awning for the last time. KE offers many models with a full cassette, semi-cassette or hood that protect the rolled fabric from the elements, bird droppings and animals.
Retractable awnings are not designed to withstand strong wind while open. Electronic sensors are available that automatically close the awning in strong wind. There are also sensors that will close the awning when it detects rain, and open when the sun shines. KE awnings have been tested to withstand winds up to 45MPH while open, and up to 90MPH when closed.
Quality construction and durability are the most important features in any awning and prices reflect those qualities. If you want an awning that will provide many years of dependable service, year in and year out, you just can't beat a genuine KE awning. Call us for a free quote.
Your KE dealer will talk with you about what you're looking for in an awning and what kinds of activities you want to enjoy while under your awning. KE offers a wide variety of sizes and styles that fit your home, your lifestyle and your budget. The dealer will carefully measure and size your awning according to your needs.
KE can accommodate just about any type of window for residential or commercial buildings.
Most KE awnings can be mounted to a wall, under a soffit or on a roof. Pergolas can be either free-standing (4 legs) or wall-mounted (2-legs). And some pergola models can be attached side-by-side with no gaps to achieve an unlimited amount of covered space - especially useful for a large, commercial installation.
Stationary awnings are a fixed structure. They do not retract or move and thus are not effected by wind, rain or snow. Stationary awnings are an excellent choice to protect entries and walkways from weather.
Yes, stationary awnings are designed to stay outside all year round.
A full cassette awning does not require maintenance. Depending on its location, you may choose to hose off or wash the fabric to remove bird droppings, tree sap or other dirt that may land on it.
A full cassette awning is highly effective at preventing birds from nesting in your awning.
Most KE awnings and pergolas are available with LED lighting options, remote control, fully automated controls that can integrate with your home automation systems, and a variety of sensors to detect wind, rain and sun.
Permits are generally not required for a retractable awning, however if you have a Home Owners Association or Condo Board, you may want to check for any limitations they may have.
An aluminum pergola is a permanent addition to your home or business. They are durable, year-round structures that help to define an outdoor space for relaxation, entertainment, family activities, or commercial hospitality. KE pergolas are available with either retractable roof or louvered roof configurations in a very large array of sizes and styles. KE pergolas are pre-engineered to ensure stability, usability, ease of installation and compatibility with local building codes.
In most cases a building permit is required for these structures and your KE dealer is qualified and experienced in these requirements.
Pergolas may be cleaned with a garden hose and a soft brush, similar to what you would use to wash a car.
A pergola can be installed at any time that the ground is not too frozen to dig for a footing.
KE pergolas are available with enclosure options, including motorized screens, clear vinyl windows, or sliding glass walls. Your KE dealer can provide details on all available options.
KE pergolas are constructed of heavy duty, extruded aluminum and are assembled with tight seams and waterproof gaskets. Any noise from hard rain would be minimized as much as possible. The Isola pergola has a PVC fabric roof, which is a flexible, waterproof membrane.
Pergolas can be open structures or closed structures depending on your needs. All enclosures are adjustable to provide the perfect amount of weather protection and comfort for you. Pergolas provide protection from the elements while allowing air to circulate as needed to create the optimum temperature.
KE offers waterproof roof fabrics in a variety of colors, from white to dark to achieve the look and feel you want. Louvered pergolas can be opened or closed any desired amount to allow just the right amount of shade to your liking.
KE offers a full line of industrial canopies for your needs.