American Classic Awning

The American Classic is a non-welded traditional style awning used on both homes and businesses. It is simply hung from the window casing. They can be provided with rope and pulleys to allow for retracting the awning or they can be made to remain stationary. These awnings have been used to protect storefront windows from the elements for decades and have recently gained popularity for the restoration of older buildings. Traditional type awnings can even create a nostalgic feeling of warmth and comfort to newer homes and businesses.

The traditional window awning is a simple awning design commonly used on homes to provide shade for windows in summer months. Although this awning can be retracted with a rope and pulley system, it is recommended that for winter months that the awning be removed and stored carefully. Your KE Affiliate can provide various fabric options and valance styles at time of order. Location must be specified at time of order to assure proper combination of snow and wind load construction.

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