KE Gennius XTESA as a symbol of the Made in Italy style in Madrid

Project name: New external restaurant area at the PARQUESUR Shopping Centre -  Madrid
Customer: Parquesur Shopping Centre
Covered area/dimension: 255 square meters
Product name/system: 27 Gennius Xtesa

PARQUESUR is one of the main entertainment centres and shopping malls in the southern area of Madrid. During these last years, a restructuration and enlargement were necessary, as it the centre was designed to provide the customers a wide range of food and shops. Consequently, both the internal shops and the restaurants surrounding the external part have been redesigned following modern architectural lines.

This is the reason why the customer, following KE retailer Moñita’s advice, chose the pergola GENNIUS XTESA, with the aim of keeping and promoting the essentiality of the project.
XTESA’s modular structure is perfect for covering wide areas with extremely little occupied space; the absence of crossbar profiles ensures a minimalist aesthetics.
Covered by a European patent, XTESA stands for its exclusive electronic cloth tensioning system and for its possibility of being integrated with Gennius Vertika side awnings, in order to have maximum protection against weathering.

Facing an artificial lake, the 27 XTESA structures grant the restaurant area a touch of Italian colour and style, making it a point of attraction for the shopping centre customers.

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