KE Gennius France for Villa Oterelo in Calvi, Corsica

Project name: Villa Oterelo
Location: Calvi-Corsica
Project: Baches Diffusion Balagne
Customer: private client
Covered area: 18 square metres
Installed products: 1 Gennius SAKI pergola + GPZ vertical roller awning

The requirements asked by this villa’s owner were simple: to create shaded oases in the swimming pool area, focusing on the integration with the landscape, while having a product as minimalist as possible.

Baches Diffusion Balagnes chose the SAKI product. The daring choice of proposing this product, in an anodised-bronze shade, was made in order to be as similar as possible to the colour of the rocks that characterise the region of Balagne. The integration is flawless.

The addition of a GPZ vertical roller awning allows not only to give more privacy to the shaded area, but also to get shelter from the setting sun and Leveche wind, which can be unpredictable.

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