The charm of a villa or a country house owes much to its exterior: the harmony of a park and the fresh air enhance the beauty of the structure and allow you to expand your ways of enjoying your home. Thanks to our garden structures, you can make your outdoor area even more elegant while managing your outdoor space optimally.

A courtyard pergola, for example, allows you to create outdoor places to truly enjoy. Thanks to our private villa pergolas, you can decide to manage the shade as you like: the roll-up or fold-up folding roof give you different light intensity depending on the season and time of day. A bioclimatic pergola, thanks to the resistant roof with adjustable slats, protects you even in case of rain and bad weather.

Each pergola or awning is designed to meet your needs, to make your home stand out and give you maximum comfort. You can choose pergolas with a sloping roof or flat roof to lean against the wall, or garden awnings with arms to modulate the light and give continuity to your rooms. If you have more extensive gardens, you can choose self-supporting garden structures, which will fit harmoniously into your parks, creating a beautiful landscape of peace.

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