New outdoor spaces for the Mediterraneo Camping Village in Cavallino-Treporti

Project description


Project name: Camping Village Mediterraneo

Location: Via delle Batterie, 38, 30013 Cavallino-Treporti, Venice

Project: Studio MMP Architetti - Arch. Maria Grazia Martinelli and Martina Monti - via Fraine 2 31046 Oderzo (TV) in partnership with KE PMO Office– Arch. Luca Zanin – and KE Technical Office - Ing. Marco Prataviera

Client: private

Covered area: 885 sq. mt.

Installed products:

  • 32 bioclimatic pergolas Kedry Prime




Camping Village Mediterraneo is a modern 5-star accommodation facility located in the small peninsula of Cavallino-Treporti, in the greenest and most luxuriant area of the Venice lagoon. Not the classic campsite, but a resort with multiple types of luxury accommodation such as chalets and glamping homes, in order to satisfy the most demanding customers.

MMP Architetti studio - commissioned by the Mediterraneo camping property - contacted the PMO Office at KE – a team of architects and engineers in charge of large hospitality projects - requesting a solution capable of creating a covered area for the two restaurant areas, the ice cream area and the pool frontside.

For the two restaurants and the ice cream parlour, Kedry Prime bioclimatic pergola was chosen, which thanks to its modularity made it possible to create a sartorial project with a strong aesthetic impact. A large area was covered with 32 Kedry modules, involving KE Technical Office in the design phase.

The adjustable louvered roof of Kedry Prime bioclimatic pergolas can be oriented to ensure adequate ventilation, or closed to ensure shelter even in the event of rain.

The pergolas are equipped with perimetral Vertika rollers in Cristal with a PVC fabric lowering. The range of fabrics (transparent, filtering and darkening) allows to have the desired level of shielding; once closed, the Vertika Gennius awning disappears completely inside the structure.

Maximum comfort for guests is also guaranteed by perfect automation: the app for smartphones and tablets allows perfect management even remotely, allowing you to define the time and methods of opening and closing the awning.

KE is able to provide customized and versatile solutions for the outdoors, suitable for all commercial and hospitality spaces such as hotels, restaurants, bars or marinas. The guarantee of a product engineered and produced entirely in Italy, which can be customized and tailored by the company's internal technical department.

KE at the service of the Ho.Re.Ca sector to transform any outdoor area into a space of pure comfort.


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