Vertex Tension Screen

The Vertex Tension Screen provides additional protection during winter months, in case of rain, wind and poor weather conditions.

During sunset hours, the drop screens filter out the sunrays to ensure total protection by blocking out annoying reflections and harmful UV rays.



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  • Unit widths are 3’ to 16’ in 1/8” increments for vertical applications.
  • Unit widths are 3’ to 13’ in 1/8 increments for all other applications.
  • Unit drop is 3’ to 16’ in 1/8”increments for groups 2-5
  • Unit drop is 3’ to 12’ in 1/8”increments for group 5A
  • The Vertex comes as a motorized unit only.
  • The Vertex can be mounted vertical, on top of pergola or wall or using KE front legs.
  • The Vertex is measured from the head box to the end caps of the Drop extrusion, the width is measured from the head box end cap to end cap.
  • Unit available with screen fabric only (no acrylic).
  • Clear vinyl window available on vertical application only.
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