By the mountain

An outing with friends, games and races or simply book-reading over tea, how many blissful times can you spend underneath a bioclimatic pergola or sail shade structures? Staying in the external space of your countryside home is finally simple and trouble-free.

Sail shades and pergolas, combined with verandas or precedent structures are some of the most used solutions in countryside residency. Every part of the world has its own eccentricities, attributes, and open-air way of living. The wide array of sail shades and awnings for country houses ensures you a completely individualized choice, so you can make your outdoor spaces just as you want them!

When searching for a structure inclined towards the wall, you can either choose a bioclimatic, flat-roof or sloping pergola, with a roll-up or fold-up cloth, depending on your country house’s structural style. For a relaxing place surrounded by greenery, try Kedry bioclimatic pergolas.