Hotels and Resort

What should a tourist expect from their hotel stay. Relaxation, hospitality, and wellbeing, right?

That can be made possible with KE pergolas and window shades. Sunshade for hotels is vital, especially if you’re looking to create corners of peace and unique environments that will welcome guests, leaving them with unforgettable memories of your establishment.

A practical awning will not only create privacy, but will also provide an ideal climate in the terraces of your guest rooms. The Kedry bioclimatic pergolas, or rather, pergolas with a flat roof and a wrapping cloth, will transform and enrich your restaurant and bar area.

With the vast array of pergola finishes from KE Outdoor, you can perfectly customize every detail of your space. Customize sunshades for hotels for a real furnishing solution, and increase the completeness of your hotel’s aesthetic. And for the outdoor enthusiasts, our outdoor covers will breathe life into outdoor projects.