Designing places that are capable of welcoming people is an art that requires vision, imagination and attention to detail. Devising the right level of comfort and optimizing your spaces will make your place more profitable and more enjoyable simultaneously.

Our custom pergola alongside our custom sun shades can help to reflect this duality. On the one hand, they allow you to create environments dedicated to relaxation; on the other hand; they offer new spaces to use to expand their commercial potential.

At KE Outdoor, we perform roofing and solar shading projects for a variety of residences including hotels and resorts, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and shops, swimming pools and sports centers, meeting the needs and uniqueness of each space.

Our custom pergola will create corners of serenity outside, and small places made for relaxing as you enjoy what nature has to offer in comfort and peace.

Design & Personalisation

KE awnings are designed with the best possible dialogue between architectural forms, personal taste and functional needs.

Tailor-made creation