Retractable Shading System

Your terrace or outdoor garden space is a place of light shade and sunshine. Our retractable tension shading structures decorate your outdoors while providing comfort and are aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

We design our retractable shading systems using a the leading fabrics in the market that are solution dyed acrylics or solar protective screen mesh materials with variable openness factors. With over 500 fabrics to choose from, you can custom design your retractable shade system for any project. Its built-in compartment protects the fabric from soiling, keeping it safe and clean when the retractable system is not in use.

The product line Pinnacle becomes a real piece of furniture for the structure that houses it, and with its models, the pergola becomes a practical outdoor structure even when closed.

Create an eye-catching look for your deck or patio while adding living space for you to enjoy!

All our retractable systems can also be controlled remotely via an app downloaded Mylink from Somfy or with home automation interfaces.

Design & Personalisation

KE awnings are designed with the best possible dialogue between architectural forms, personal taste and functional needs.

Tailor-made creation