Versatility, elegance, quality. These are the main features of Kolibrie, the new shading system, which enhances KE products already wide range.

The Kolbrie features only one support column, which is capable of 360° rotation thanks to the pedestal bearings. Handling can be either manual or motorized. With anemometer, the awning will close automatically when sensing strong winds.

Made of Dacron, a polyester fabric with specific woven wire typical of boat sails, Kolibrie also has increased durability, weathering and salt resistance, features that make it the ideal product for resorts and marine plants. Furthermore, the use of marine materials throughout the structures ensures that your Kolibrie will remain preserved for a longer period.

Thanks to its refined aesthetics and material quality, Kolibrie is a truly unique design. A light and modern expression of an innovative way to shade outdoor spaces for the outdoor lifestyle.

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  • Adjustable up to 360°

  • Linear and essential design

  • Excellent water and saltiness resistance

  • Nautical derived technology

All models SAILS are tested and have been certified CE e Class 1 Wind Load Certification
The recommended maximum size is: in Width 380
Available colors for the structure
Acciaio Inox 304
Installation and maintenance
Available colors. Contact us
Technical details
  • Easy installation
  • Handling of the sails can be motorized

  • Sails are in nautical Dacron fabric white, sand, bordeaux. The thread is made of braided polyester treated to increase resistance to weathering and corrosion. Also available Tempotestar Resinato and Starlight fabrics.

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