Gennius Pergolas



Patented design by KE
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XTESA PLAIN has been identified as an ideal solution because, with its light structure, guarantees not only the coverage of a wide area without the need for intermediate supports, but also the lightness and the visual permeability without solution of...
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Innovative bioclimatic pergolas with greater performance and customizable features
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Gennius Pergolas

As a world-class leader in the design and manufacture of awnings, solar shades, and canopies, KE is proud to present its innovative family of patio covers: Gennius – the retractable Pergola Awning.

Described by Architects as “deceptively sleek”, the Gennius range of patio awnings is distinguished by a stylish and flexible design. The Gennius is the ideal solution for the creation of new outdoor spaces, livable all year round. It combines the beauty of a pergola, the flexibility of a retractable awning and the warmth and comfort of a room addition. The Gennius has the versatility of covering a small deck, a large patio, or an expansive pavilion.

Choose the design that most suits your needs; our Gennius patio covers and pergola awnings are manufactured utilizing wooden or aluminum structures. KE offers a wide selection of fabric for the retractable fabric cover.

KE awnings stand for refinement, reliability and innovative technologies, and provides efficient and safe patio covers.

All GENNIUS pergolas suit customer requirements all year round: during winter, it reduces heat dispersion and allows an ideal control of room temperature. During summer, the pergola protects from harmful UV rays and contributes to reduce overheating, cutting down air conditioning usage as well.

All Gennius products are tested and achieved the CE marking, as a guarantee of quality.

KE guarantees a highly reliable and technological product, designed to enjoy the outdoor all year round, enhancing each environment with style.

Discover KE and its entire offer, such as retractable canopies and patio covers, and make your outdoor spaces livable trusting the high quality and the practicality of the products provided with the Gennius system.