Gennius TENS

Awning with 130 mm cassette available in “Square” version only, with ZIP guide system.
Thanks to its tensioning system, it is suitable to cover patios, verandas and penthouses; it can be installed either on the wall or on the ceiling; on the front side two columns support it and are kept in place by a crossbeam.
With motor only.
Complete water resistance is not guaranteed.

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Why Gennius TENS?
  • Equipped with cassette to shelter the fabric

  • Cloth is tensioned through Zip system

  • Patented design

  • Small dimensions

All models Gennius Pergolas are tested and have been certified CE e Class 1 Wind Load Certification
The recommended maximum size is: in larghezza 500 in sporgenza 500
Available colors for the structure
Installation and maintenance
Available colors. Contact us
Technical details
  • Can be mounted either to the wall or to the ceiling
  • High inclination
  • Cloth is tensioned through springs and Zip system
  • Modular
  • Supported by columns
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