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A private residence on Lazio’s coastline to a Mediterranean oasis with KE

The client’s request was to replace the 4 shades previously installed, in galvanized iron, whose cloth was damaged due to the wind.


Considering the seafront location of its own residence, the purchaser was oriented towards a product whose resistance was higher than the previous ones, considering both the strong wind gusts, which are typical of the coastline, and the corrosion due to saltiness.


The technical project manager, Mr. Simone Fantin from KE retailer Progetto Ombra in Latina, chose the bioclimatic pergola Kedry Prime: an aluminium structure with louvered roof, in order to satisfy all technical features needed, with a wind resistance class equal to 6, according to UNI EN 13561.


Appreciated for its minimal design, KEDRY PRIME can fit to any outdoor space, due to its clean aesthetic, reduced height and a LED light kit integrated into the perimeter, that makes it highly customizable.


In addition to this, the greatest comfort is granted by a perfect automation: the user can manage Kedry Prime via smartphone and tablet apps from remote, defining settings and opening/closing times.


As far as the house patio is concerned, the owner has chosen QUBICA Plumb cassette awning, in the matt white monochromatic version: the squared box matches perfectly with the house architecture and, at the same time, it protects the fabric from corrosion and weathering. QUBICA Plumb, from an idea of Italian Architect Robby Cantarutti, fits perfectly with the clean aesthetic of the building, as an element of minimum impact, always beautiful even when closed.


Attention to the details, innovative materials, appealing design are all elements that, along with the numerous possibilities offered by the wide range of KE solutions, contributed to create a unique home.


Technical Features:


GENNIUS KEDRY PRIME – bioclimatic pergola with louvre blades, available in both freestanding and wall-mount versions


Height of the perimetric strip: 23 cm

Freestanding system in the dimensions 450×600 with 4 columns

Wall-mount system in the dimensions 450×600 with 2 columns

Completely modular system in width and projection with many achievable possibilities

Optional: white LED lights set dimmerable on the internal perimeter and on the strips

Optional: White RGB LED lights dimmerable on the external perimeter

Optional: Verika Prime integrated to up to 6 meters and completely hidden in the perimeter

Optional: Draped curtain on the internal perimeter

Distance among the blades 200mm with rotation up to 135°

Hidden stainless screws



QUBICA PLUMB: box folding arms awning


Technical performances: width 1200 cm x435 cm

Wind resistance Class 1 / Water resistance Class 2(EN 13561:2015)

Stylistic performances: Vertical development

Standard colours available in different combinations (White ral 9010 opaque, Grey 9006 opaque, Black inver, rust)

Stainless screws

Optional kit strip led

Maximum coverage area: it projects itself up to 435 cm with Giant arm