TÃœV UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

In 2011 KE achieved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification issued by the German Certifying Body TÃœV attesting to the high quality of production processes and the attention the company dedicates to customer satisfaction.



From 2006 the sun awnings are subject to CE mandatory marking, as per  technical standard UNI EN 13561. The CE marked product of this price list are submitted to this obligation and they satisfy this requirement according to the class indicated into the technical sheets. Any additional documentation can be supplied upon request or downloaded directly from our web site’s reserved area


UNI EN 1090-1Â

In 2015 KE extended the traditional commitment offered by the CE mark of solar awnings and blackout coverings to fixed outdoor protections, which fall within the scope of the EU Regulation N° 305/2011 of construction products and the international standard UNI EN 1090-1 which considers the structural components made of steel or aluminum. The products marking, which is covered by a periodic supervision of a certified body, ensures the implementation of a rigorous structural planning and the manufacture of solid and elegant solutions for the home and for the urban space using certified processes, documented procedures, qualified personnel and adequate industrial resources.


BS OHSAS 18001

KE protects the health and safety of its workers through a BS OHSAS 18001 certified Management System. The decision to introduce an Organizational System is based on the conviction that the only way to ensure security within the company is applying a systematic method, which maximize results in terms of protecting the health and safety of the people working within the company while allowing to produce in compliance with customer and market needs.


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