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KE for a private villa outdoor in the Antigua harbour, in the heart of the Caribbean.

KE structures were chosen by Arch. Perna and Arch. Tulumello for a prestigious private villa, placed next to Antigua’s marina; Antigua is one of the isles in the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea, renowned for its white sand and turquoise sea beaches.

The project comes from the customer’s need of covering four different areas of the residential complex: the entrance, the area standing next to the living room, the terrace of the sleeping area and the mooring. With regard to the living room and sleeping area, 5 placed-against Gennius Isola 2 were installed, 3 on the ground floor on the exit of the living area and 2 on the first floor, next to the sleeping area.


Isola 2 was chosen in order to meet the need for a structure in line with the architectural look of the residential complex, which is characterised by a neat and linear style and by soft colours. This is why both the structure and the covering cloth are white.

In the area next to the entrance a Kedry Plus bioclimatic pergola with roof blades was installed, being it lighter and more essential in its design, once again in line with the villa’s style and soft colours.


Finally, a Gennius Roomy special structure was chosen for protecting the mooring. As the customer did not need an opening covering, a fixed model was chosen; it is also equipped with a peculiar cloth hooking system, that the customer can easily remove in case of exceptional weather conditions, as they are very frequent in that area during the hurricane season.

Gennius Roomy is actually one of the products with the highest performances concerning wind and water resistance on the market. It is a unique product, tailored following the customer’s needs, pre-assembled in the factory and installed on the spot only after checking that each one of the customer’s requirements was fulfilled.



Technical features:




Aluminium awning structure with retractable packaging, made up of a cloth (which is tensioned when opened) fixed to a system with crossbar profiles, trolleys and guides; the system allows an horizontal sliding. Wind resistance certified up to class 6 according to UNI EN 13561.


Kedry Plus


Aluminium awning structure with an adjustable-blades roof, made up of a perimetral gutter profile that allows blades rotation and water drainage. Wind resistance certified up to class 6 according to UNI EN 13561.


Fixed Roomy


Extruded aluminium alloy UNI6060 profiles structure, made up of square supporting columns and eaves bearing profiles on which the covering archs’ curved profiles are introduced. Excellent water and wind resistance.