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Gennius VEGA awarded with an IF Design Award 2018, discipline Product, category Garden.

We’re proud to announce that Gennius VEGA has won an IF Award 2018, discipline Product, category Garden.


GENNIUS VEGA is the retractable pergola system with a linear design, characterized by led inserts with spread light along guides and pillars. An inedited product, able to distinguish between others due to its quality and innovative design, a true marker of the future market trends.


Thanks to an original concept of lighting as a furnishing element, VEGA is a unique product: the external lights underline its alluring form, while internal spots give a sense of levity to the structure and aluminium profiles.


Minimal style and versatility of application combine with the resistance of materials and a pure approach to clean design: gutter and pillars are installed in the same line, are invisible, so are the joining brackets and screws.

Due to the Vertika Gennius system, the pergola can be integrated with lateral and frontal drop-down awnings. Vertika Gennius offers an extensive variety of fabrics (transparent, filtering and darkening) to meet any lighting requirement and wind /rain protection.


The total modularity together with the high level of customizing, permit to satisfy every request as far as the space organization and architectonical requirements are considered. One can choose a handful of colours for the structure and fabrics as well. The profiles have a system of quick installation without screws and modification of the bearing structure, so it is possible to combine them according to personal taste of the customer, creating unique scenarios.


As far as energy saving is concerned, VEGA, as all other GENNIUS products, suits customer requirements all year round: during winter, it reduces heat dispersion and allows an ideal control of room temperature. During summer, the pergola protects from harmful UV rays and contributes to reduce overheating, cutting down air conditioning usage as well.


Maximum comfort is ensured with the latest state-of-the-art automation technology: smartphone and tablet apps allow the remote control of the structure, so the customer can close or open the roof at any weather variation.


All Gennius products are tested and achieved the CE marking, as a guarantee of quality.



Technical details:


GENNIUS VEGA – pergola system with retractable folding cloth and led inserts; for wall installation


Modular system up to cm 1300 x 700 (3 modules)



Profiles and accessories made of painted aluminium, wide range of technical fabrics in polyester or PVC fibre.

Available in many colour combinations

Stainless steel fasteners and joining accessories (concealed)



CE according to 13561:2015 – wind resistance class 6 (ca. 80 km/h)


Climatic management:


A wide range of technical fabrics allows the optimal sun protection factor (G tot) management and adjustment of light and heat combination. Moreover, VEGA integrates a state-of-the-art rain water outpouring system.



Led lighting kit integrated on fabric bearing profiles.

Dimmable led lighting kit on external perimeter

Lateral drop awnings Vertika Gennius

Lateral glass wall systems

Remote control via smartphone app available.