By the mountains

The view opens up to magnificent panoramas and the rugged beauty of the mountains will give you unforgettable moments. Get sheltered under a pergola or in the shade of our awnings for garden.

Are you ready to revamp the outdoor spaces of your mountain residence in the name of comfort and connection with nature?

Thanks to our awnings, you can create breathtaking winter gardens. The roof with a roll-up curtain or the slats of a bioclimatic pergola leave room for the intense blue of the sky on the hottest days. They will also withstand the harsh weather during winter. The pergola sides close via sliding glass doors, so you don’t have to fear the cold, but can let yourself be carried away by the mountain landscapes.

The sun at high altitude is pleasant but always very intense. This is why our garden awnings are an ideal residential shade structure. Our fabrics have a sun filtering capacity while our structures are designed to withstand outdoor weather elements. The automation of the curtains and the addition of control systems such as anemometers and sensors will allow you to effectively manage opening and closing, even in the event of adverse weather.