Folding pergolas

We design our pergolas with folding cloth so you can savour the beauty of your gardens and terraces. The cloth can extend and fold up fast – our pergolas will silently open up space for the blue sky, sun’s rays, and the cool breeze to enter. And, our retractable awning has a thin framework, making it ideal for even small spaces.

Despite its light weight, the folding pergola wraps and secures itself for maximum resistance to rain and wind. The folding pergola has gas pistons that anchor to any structure. Our pergola with a folding cloth does not allow for breakers or contour supports; we design them to provide a linear, minimalist look.

The pergola awning with folding cloth allows you to create coverage of substantial dimensions. We can place modules side by side with a minimum incline of 7 degrees. With our pergolas, you’ll enjoy the chance to observe nature and the tranquillity the open air offers.

Design & Personalisation

KE awnings are designed with the best possible dialogue between architectural forms, personal taste and functional needs.

Tailor-made creation