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KE’s premium stores

  • The roots of the project

Arising from the entrepreneurial, visionary spirit of the current chairman Amorino Barbieri, BAT group has been operating successfully since the early 80’s in the branch of solar shading systems.

Based in Noventa di Piave (Venice - Italy), it is a well-established, structured company, which was able to grow and develop until reaching a solid, competitive position on the national and international market. Within BAT group, KE stands out on the market for its versatile, adaptable offer; its main competitive advantage consists in being directly present in its market’s reference areas. A key point, which led to reaching an important goal in 2017.

KE Store project was created: exclusive exhibition spaces, spreading all over the world, where the richness of a unique range of products can be met.

In all KE Stores, it is possible to explore a new concept of modern living, based on outdoor wellness all year round, and to choose a qualified supplier’s reliability and their integrated services, with a Made-in-Italy quality assurance.

  • The values that lead the project

Since 1983, KE has brought design and innovation to the branch of sun shading systems – the result of a constant research that gave us a major role in the outdoor world with cutting-edge solutions, combining high technical and aesthetical performance. High-range products, guarantee of a steady know-how and typical Italian craftsmanship.

Made in Italy means irreplaceable quality and is considered as a basic component of stylistic research – one of the reasons why KE can tell a story of successes, that today starts from Noventa and yearns for an international, heterogeneous market.

Thanks to its leadership in the branch of solar shading systems, KE has become an exponent of new living trends, a major partner in the world of design and private customers. A growth path that led the company to strengthen its presence within the territory, widening and improving its partners’ network.

It is in this context that “KE Store” project developed – a synergy between the company and its best dealers.

  • The reasons to choose KE

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

KE’s first priority is its customers’ needs – this is why we offer the fullest product range on the market, which stands out for its materials’ quality and its high technical performance.

KE is a unique partner, able to offer integrated services to meet the new needs of living and designing the outdoor spaces.

KE is a multifaceted company that knows how to speak to the contract world, to the branch’s players and to the end user. Its products are designed for different contexts and targets, from hotels to the residential sector, thanks to their different configurations and high customisation possibilities.

KE can boast a strong leadership in the branch of solar shading systems, sustained by a first-quality, future-oriented network to reach shared goals of cooperation and growth.

KE focuses on people, on the territory and on family values – a dynamic, visionary approach combined to a traditional know-how make KE a unique, trustworthy business.

  • KE Store showrooms

KE Store project has numerous mono-brand stores belonging to the product category of sun awnings and outdoor pergolas.

Our Stores’ network stands out for its contemporary exhibition spaces, designed on purpose to create a customer experience that involves all the emotions of the outdoor living. The exhibition layout is based on fixed, shared guidelines – including the usage of neutral shades in order to create a refined, unique location to show sophisticated products. Green decorative elements are predominant – they increase the overall sense of comfort and relax to obtain a perfect shopping experience.


KE STORE LEITMOTIF: RAL 7030 Stone Grey - A refined colour, in line with the current trends of the furniture world. A colour that can release its full potential in the context of modern design and architecture. RAL 7030 shows an undeniable, innate elegance, which can be enhanced when combined with light – it highlights the colour’s peculiarity and warmth.

  • The exclusive services dedicated to KE Stores

BECOMING a KE Store partner means actively participating in our mutual success and in our end customers’ satisfaction, sharing strategies, resources and new business opportunities.

BEING a KE Store partner means sharing KE’s values and vision, pursuing shared growth and cooperation objectives while keeping the natural ability of standing out on the market and for the market.

KE main partners are entitled to unique services and tools dedicated to them, enjoying the exclusive benefits reserved for our Stores:

  • Exclusive design of the exhibition layout
  • Special commercial and showroom conditions
  • Exclusive priority on product news
  • Reserved online and offline marketing tools and activities
  • Dedicated technical and commercial support
  • Ad hoc trainings
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