The T4 Gennius is a Cantilevered Awning and has no front support posts; instead, the guide rail profiles are supported by return arms that cantilever above and attach to the building.  This Gennius system is perfect for sidewalks, urban areas or zones where ground surface mounted front posts are not allowed or optimal.  The maximum projection for this Gennius is 13′1″ with and maximum width of 42’8″.  That’s over 500 square feet of space covered with one motorized fabric roof.

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Wind resistance guaranteed up to class 6 in accordance with UNI EN PR 13561.

The Gennius has a protective hood covering the fabric when in the retracted position.  It is engineered with  a special 7-layer aluminum panel that is rain drop quiet, and unobtrusive.  The waterproof, fire-retardant fabric protects from damaging and uncomfortable UV light and heat, keeps the rainwater off of the space it protects.

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