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Kheope Roller

Designed to create a true shading system, they can turn outdoor spaces into an integral part of everyday life – thanks to a skilful mixture of technology, design and functionality.


Practical to use and easy to manoeuvre, these sails allow a free regulation of the cloth’s inclination from the ground using an adjustable, sliding block system. This is how the customer can choose the width of the shaded area and play with heights in order to have a product that is always changing and different from itself.


Kheope Skin and Kheope Roller can cover all kinds of outdoor areas with a modern, neat design. The possibility to use up to four block systems on one pole allows to install more sails while having a limited number of supports. Thus, the covered area remains neat and appealing: one of the reasons why these sails are perfect also for wide outdoor spaces and contract settings (cafés, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, etc.).


Kheope Roller differs from Skin because it features a boom to envelop the cloth. The telescopic steel pivot inside the winding tube allows to change the sail’s height also on the boom poles – obtaining an extremely versatile product.


Furthermore, the aesthetic coherence of Roller and Skin allows them to be placed side by side freely. It is also possible to create tailor-made solutions to face all kinds of design requirements.

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